It seems like it's harder than ever to not be angry nowadays. Between the racist events happening in Charlottesville over the past few weeks, the President's Twitter and trigger fingers that threatens the lives of Americans and those in other countries and the countless issues we have in our own lives, it's no wonder we're stressed. But one thing remains constant -- music is one of the best ways to channel our emotions. And rap music is definitely the best to channel anger with militant rhymers like Public Enemy, the rappers who boast IDGAF like Bo$$ and Tupac and of course the anger fueled anthem "F--- The Police" by N.W.A.


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    "Bring Da Ruckus"

    Wu-Tang Clan

    There's a reason this song was featured as Luke Cage beat up bad guys in his eponymous Netflix superheroes series. Put Wu-Tang Clan's "Bring Da Ruckus" on and we're set to wreck something.

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    "New Slaves"

    Kanye West

    This song became an immediate banger when it dropped in 2013. With a hard-hitting beat by Kanye West and Benjamin Bronfman as well as emotionally stirring rhymes, Ye made sure to let us know that he was angry. "They throwin' hate at me /  Want me to stay at ease /  F--- you and your corporation / Y'all n----- can't control me," he rhymed. Truer words have never been said.

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    "I Don't Give a F---"


    Thie '90s West Coast rhymer, Bo$$ made sure to let us know that she "don't give a f---" in this track and we've been bumping it ever since. Off of her debut album, Born Gangstaz, this track served as the perfect way to close out her album.

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    "X Gon' Give it to Ya"


    When it comes to being angry and rapping, any hip-hop fan would be hard pressed not to bring up DMX. Although X has a bunch of songs that could have made this list, we chose his 2003 anthem, "X Gon' Give It To Ya" to represent his repertoire.

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    "The Way I Am"


    Eminem has rapped about some dark, twisted scenarios. In "The Way I Am," the Detroit rhymer does it again as he claims to be the "meanest MC" who's been "cursed with this curse to just curse." It's not the darkest Em has been, but he definitely went off in this one.

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    "Two to the Head"

    Kool G Rap ft. DJ Polo, Geto Boys & Ice Cube

    What happens when you get some of the toughest rhymers together on one track? You get one of the hardest tracks of all time,"Two to the Head." Between Kool G Rap, Geto Boys and Ice Cube, we were certain to get some angry rhymes in the 1992 track. One of our favorite lines comes from Scarface: "One n---- you can't f--- wit /
    Cause I'm a born killer with the mind of a lunatic /
    So bring in bodybags when I start bangin /
    Cause I'm leavin motherfuckers laid out, with they brains hangin." Ouch.

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    "The Blacker The Berry"

    Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar went OFF in this track off of his third album, To Pimp A Butterfly. With themes of race, social issues and all that it means to be black in America, this track seems to bring it all together to summarize just how Kung Fu Kenny feels. Not to mention, you can feel the venom when he says "You hate me don't you?" Don't believe us? Listen to the track below.

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    "Afro Puffs"

    The Lady of Rage

    The Lady of Rage didn't get her name for no reason. The '90s rhymer dropped "Afro Puffs" for the Above the Rim soundtrack. But the track went far beyond the soundtrack as it became a favorite among hip-hop fans. In the track, The Lady of Rage makes sure to let you know that she "rock rough and stuff" between her hard hitting rhymes and ad-libs from Snoop Dogg.

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    "Holler If Ya Hear Me"


    As a product of the Black Panther movement, Tupac was definitely politically minded when it came to black lives. This sentiment is shown in "Holler If Ya Hear Me" off of his second solo album, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. If you're ready to start a revolution, this track is certainly a good start as Pac rhymes "I guess cause I'm black born / I'm supposed to say peace, sing songs, and get capped on / But it's time for a new plan, BAM! / I'll be swingin like a one man, clan / Here we go, turn it up, don't stop."

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    "F--- Tha Police"


    N.W.A. proved to be what their acronym stood for -- n----- wth attitude. This especially showed in one of their most famous tracks, "F--- Tha Police," where the crew made sure to tell the cops that they weren't f----- with 'em.

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