Vince Staples' solo output -- including 2014 highlight 'Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2' -- is generally pretty strong. However, he's mostly known for his strong guest spots, like his scene-stealing verse on Earl Sweatshirt's 'Hive' and his brutally honest appearance on Common's 'Kingdom.' 'Blue Suede,' his first single off the upcoming 'Hell Can Wait,' reminds listeners that he has more than enough star power and venom to stand out on his own.

Staples' bars are just as cold and lucid as some of his best ("Ask where he from then leave his dome roofless"), but what solidifies 'Blue Suede' as a banger is how that aggression is given further life through the beat. The bass hits hard and fast, while the squealing synth impacts with an eye-reddening madness. While it's short, 'Blue Suede' is one of Staples' most visceral and addicting tracks.

'Hell Can Wait,' his debut album, is expected later this year.

Listen to Vince Staples' 'Blue Suede'