As he announced on Instagram, Tyga's next release will be B---- I'm the Sh-- 2, and he tapped Vince Staples for the single, "Playboy." On it, the former Young Money rapper talks about his glitzy lifestyle, and he does it over a hypnotic, keyboard driven beat.

"Addicted like crack to my tenacity / I made a path for all my savages, I'm business savvy, see / It must be March 'cause ya'll mad at me / It's March Madness and I ball like Kansas City  / You know how many b----- drove me to liquor stores / For condoms and sour liquor straws," rhymes Tyga.

Next, Vince steps up and with his usual effortless flow, he delivers a verse filled with wit, humor and substance.

"Racing wing on the GT4 / I'm finna drive this motherf----- to the ocean floor / Cold world, long nights, with my old girl / If I put a baby in here, hope she don't abort," he spits.

Meanwhile, it's safe to assume that Tyga is eager to get his name in the press for music instead of his personal life, since he's been a popular topic for Internet fodder since dating Kylie Jenner. Plus, after their rumored breakup, the Cali rapper has been linked to model Jordan Ozuna, who eventually denied the relationship.

As far as Staples, he's planning to drop his next project "Big Fish Theory" on June 23, and he talked about the title in a recent interview with Complex. "It encompasses things," he explained. "Being larger than life in a smaller world, so to say. How rappers are perceived and perceive themselves."

You can listen to Tyga's song with Staples below.

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