The ongoing street violence in Chicago has been well-documented in both film and music. Chi-City native Common brings his picturesque views of the harrowing street life on his new single, 'Kingdom.'

It's an empowering song with a choir sample ("Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom"), orchestral strings and a plodding beat.

In the first verse, Common recounts a hypothetical story of a young teen who seeks retribution for the shooting death of his dear friend. Armed with a gun, he gets his revenge but, ultimately, his crime lands him in jail for murder.

"Shots ripping through the True Religion denim / These streets is my religion / I stood over him, his life was over then / Now these keys got me locked up with older men," he raps.

In the second verse, Common tells a first-person narrative about a man who chose drug selling over his spiritual beliefs and the outcome turns bleak for him.

"I was hurtin', couldn't get no work / You created me from dust, that's why I did dirt / You said that the last shall be first / Now I'm in a hearse, what's this cash really worth?" he rhymes.

Meanwhile, Vince Staples spits his testimonials about the struggles to survive on the mean streets of Long Beach, Calif.

"Satan serenading ever since I was a toddler / Tell him talk ain’t cheap, n----s living for the dollar / So in God we trust, leads to prayers from my Momma tho," he raps.

Overall, 'Kingdom' details the ongoing economic and social problems related to the ongoing violence in urban cities.

A video for the song was recently shot by Hype Williams and is expected to drop real soon.

In the meantime, Common is working on his next project 'Nobody's Smiling,' which is being executive produced by No I.D.

According to reports, it's a concept album inspired by the tragedies in Chicago. The collection is due to hit stores later this year

Listen to common's Song 'Kingdom' Feat. Vince Staples

Watch Trailer to Common's New Video For 'Kingdom'

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