Forensics expert Grant Fredericks poked a hole in R. Kelly's defense when he identified a dark spot on the back of the man featured in the infamous sex tape. R. Kelly's own defense attorney brought the mole to the court's attention during his opening statements in the child pornography case when he declared that the man in the tape -- which the defense claims is not Kelly, but instead a digitally altered image of the singer's likeness -- does not have a mole on his back.

"Either Robert isn't the man on that tape or he's a magician -- because there's no mole," attorney Sam Adam Jr. proclaimed.

On Thursday, Fredericks testified that there is in fact a dark spot on the man's back that corresponds with the mole on Kelly's back. Fredericks compared the still of the man's back in the sex tape to police photos of the Grammy award-winning singer's back and claimed that the spot was "in the exact same position." Fredericks went on to testify that it would have been virtually impossible for someone to have digitally altered Kelly's image in the 30 minute, 100,000 frame film. The expert claims it would've taken someone 44 years to alter the 41-year-old singer's image in every single frame. Read the full story.