Trinidad James, Mystikal and Lil Dicky may have been in Brooklyn's neighborhood spot, Villain, but it was a Southern fest on the inside as the three were set to take the stage. (There was also free fried chicken involved.)

DJ Looney played a wide array of trap music as nearly a hundred people gathered for the trio's performance of "Just a Little Thick," -- a celebration of BBWs. Between alcoholic drinks and fried chicken, attendees also had the option of super-imposing their face in between two women's derrières in a cardboard cutout fixed up at the entrance. (Lil Dicky's face is the original face to be honored between the two bootys in the music video.)

But as the crowd got hype with each new track being spun, slowly but surely it was time for the trio (or "Trindicktikal," as they like to be called), to do their thing. But before that, came a fitting opening act by Pretty Big Movement who dismissed any stereotype that big women can't move. Cause, they moved, jumped, clapped back and were met with cries of "yaaaaaasssssss" from the crowd.

Mystikal only had to say a few of his catchphrases to get cheers from the crowd. The New Orleans rapper then went into his slew of hits with "Bouncin Back (Bumpin Me Against The Wall)" and "Danger." Mystikal chugged a Red Bull, which he proclaimed would "send him through the roof." The crowd didn't protest. He took two sips. We held our breath -- but luckily his words didn't come true since his next hits were also fan favorites. He performed "Hit Me" a capella and ended his set with "Shake it Fast" (or "Shake Ya Ass" for those who know the explicit version.)

Lil Dicky took over the mic next while acknowleding that Mystikal is a "tough act to follow." As the only non-Southern rapper of the night, it would seem that the Pennsylvania native is mild-mannered -- until you remember that he's the one rapping between two sets of butts in the music video. But for the purposes of the performance, the 28-year-old went with one of his biggest hits, "$ave Dat Money" -- an ironic title knowing who the next performer was -- Trinidad James.

At first the Atlanta rhymer decided to kick off with something new (because "why not," he said.) Then, while in gold chains, gold rings, gold grills and a teal hat, he went into his biggest hit -- "All Gold Everything."

But the show was far from over. It was time for the main act. The three of the rappers got on stage to perform the DJ-Mustard produced track with the aforementioned Pretty Big dancers. As the stage turned into a BBW fest, Lil Dicky missed his cue for his verse. As he continuously tried to get his word the song ended. "Who gives a f--- about my verse?" he said at the end, realizing that he missed it. But, apparently, the crowd did. "Lil Dicky verse!" they started shouting. So, the DJ turned on the music video and they performed it, again. But the crowd wasn't complaining. Lil Dicky got his verse, and all was good.

Afterwards the rappers stuck around and talked with the fans. Check out their performances below as well as some photos from the night above.


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