Lil Dicky is probably one of the most irreverent rappers in the game and if you really want to know what he's thinking, check out his inventive video for “Pillow Talk.”

The 10-minute short film, directed by Tony Yacenda, features the Pennsylvania rapper having a one-night stand with a woman that completely goes left. After their tryst, Dicky and his companion engage in some pillow talk that gets heated when the topics of war and aliens come up.

Dicky’s brain also makes a cameo appearance as he dabs his way into the conversation. The brain begins to debate with Dicky and his lover about the existence of God (played by John C. Reilly) and dinosaurs. Talk about insane in the membrane.

Later, Dicky and his companion get into an argument over eating meat (she is a vegetarian). Eventually, Dicky and his lover reconcile and agree to disagree. Meanwhile, the brain has to poop.

Lil Dicky's "Pillow Talk" video is very creative and humorous. Check it out above.

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