On Monday, Mystikal turned himself into police and was arrested on first degree rape charges. The charges stemmed from an alleged sexual assault that happened in October 2016 during the rapper’s “Southern Hip Hop” tour.

In addition to Mystikal, police are also searching for Tenichia Wafford, who they claim was an accessory to the rape. While Wafford has yet to turn herself in, she did post a video claiming the alleged rape victim was lying about the incident.

Wafford admitted to calling the woman, but said she only called her to check up on her because they were friends. “That she said, ‘Ain’t nobody did nothing to her.’ This is some bulls--- though. Threw me for a loop cause if I would’ve knew all this, I wouldn’t of even called.”

According to Tenichia, the woman is lying about the rape as a way to save face with her boyfriend. “She trying to protect her boyfriend because she ditched him all night to be with another n----. And now, all of sudden, somebody hurt her but when I called her and asked her if somebody hurt her, she said ain’t nobody hurt her.”

Before turning himself into police, Mystikal told KSLA News that he was giving himself up to police as a way “to get this business reconciled.” He added, “Get this behind me, man.”

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