Trinidad James' new video for "Just A Lil' Thick (She Juicy)" is dedicated to curvy women who have some extra love to give.

The clip, which co-stars Mystikal and Lil Dicky, is filled with plenty of shenanigans from James's crazy twisted food-filled fantasy of a house party gone wild with BBWs and a midget dressed in a sombrero.

James is donning a three ponytail hairstyle, nostalgic of a 1990s Busta Rhymes. As soon as we enter the mansion, the camera takes us straight to a kitchen where there is plenty of chicken wings and thick women taking over the house.

There are skinnier women present, but from the front yard to the hot tub, the three rappers push them aside to show love to the bigger ladies present.

At first the song comes off as a change of pace for beauty standards, as we all know, there are thicker women fully confident about their bodies and have no issue getting their share of attention. However, James paints these "healthy sisters," as more desperate for his affection than skinnier girls, and this is another reason he approves of them more.

James, who has been painted as a one-hit wonder since his "All Gold Everything" track pushed him to the top of the charts in 2012, might have a new banger on his hands.

Watch Trinidad James' party video above.

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