Hip-hop's favorite punk rocker Travis Barker has enlisted the support of legendary Beastie Boys DJ Mix Master Mike. The record spinner will tour with Barker and replace his great friend and collaborator DJ AM, who died of a drug overdose in 2009.

Fresh on the heels of his highly anticipated hip-hop debut, 'Give the Drummer Some,' the former Blink-182 drummer incorporated Mix Master Mike into his thunderous live show, as part of Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music tour, which also features Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross.

"After playing with AM so long and after he left, it was like I had to find the best DJ in the world," Barker told MTV. "And one that I grew up on that I loved that I had something in common with. And I grew up on the Beasties. I always loved Mike's DJing. I always loved what he was about and everything, so it was a good match-up, man."

After a long career drumming for punk bands like Blink-182 and The Transplants, Barker made his first forays into hip-hop with an appearances in Diddy's video for 'Bad Boy for Life' in 2001, and on Bun B's 2005 solo album 'Trill.' It wasn't until his 2007 remix of Soulja Boy's 'Crank That' that rap fans really embraced the tattooed drummer. In 2008, he and AM formed their group TRV$DJAM, releasing two mixtapes and playing several high profile dates, before his partner's tragic overdose.

Barker's debut, 'Give the Drummer Some,' features tourmates Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, alongside a who's who of hip-hop's elite, including Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Game, Lupe Fiasco, Swizz Beatz, Ludacris, Raekwon, Yelawolf and more. The effort is in stores now.

Watch Travis Barker's 'Can a Drummer Get Some (Remix)'
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