With just a few more weeks remaining before he heads out on Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music tour, drummer Travis Barker promises that the show will not disappoint. Barker, who will share the stage with Weezy, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, is excited about bringing his rock star flare to the hip-hop heavy stage.

"We'll go out there and kind of remix things live, do our thing," the former Blink-182 drummer told The BoomBox. "We'll have a bunch of guests coming out -- Cool Kids, Yelawolf, Raekwon, Bun B. We've got a lot of special guests."

Weezy announced the tour in late January, just two months after being released from prison. Fans rushed to show their support of the Young Money CEO's return to the stage, snatching up over 11,000 tickets in 30 minutes, for the March 27 stop in Long Island, New York. Additionally, the Pennsylvania tour stop was equally successful, selling out in one hour.

If pre-sale interest is any indication to how successful the tour will be, Wayne can expect to once again land on the top-selling tour charts. In 2009 the New Orleans native sold $42 million in tickets, putting him at no. 26 on Pollstar's Highest Grossing Tour list that year.

The I Am Still Music tour begins March 18 in Buffalo, N.Y.

Watch Travis Barker's 'Carry It'
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