Saturday Night Live alum Tracy Morgan returns for a sketch about Beyonce’s womb. Yes, they went there. In a funny sketch, Morgan and SNL cast member Kenan Thompson play Queen Bey’s twin fetuses who are chilling quite comfortably in their mother’s womb.

“Damn, it is so nice in here, said Morgan’s fetus who is on the couch surrounded in a velvet interior. “There’s recording studio in here. This place is special.”

Thompson and Morgan also offer suggestions of what their baby names could be. Thompson guessed "Jade Rain," while Morgan predicted a royal name "Lord Burberry."

In one funny moment, Thompson empathized with his mother for having to carry them for nine months. But Morgan adds that it's not going to be a problem for Queen Bey. "I heard she carried two full grown ladies for 10 years named Michelle and Kelly," he says, clearing throwing some shade at Destiny's Child.

At the end of the sketch, Sasheer Zamata's Beyonce serenades her twin fetuses with a lullaby before performing an energetic remix of "Crazy in Love" with the twin fetuses getting turned up. Yep, it's lit in Beyonce's womb.

Watch the SNL sketch above.

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