Top Dawg Entertainment caught the ire of angry fans when Kendrick Lamar’s album didn’t get released on April 7. Some people felt that TDE pulled a jig on them when the only thing they did was pushed it back a week to April 14.

TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Griffith went on his Twitter account to address the delay and provided some humor on his timeline. While he appreciated fans being upset over K.Dot’s album not being readily available, he assured them that it’s coming and it will be well worth the wait.

"We just having fun.... we all want the same thing.. kdot album," he tweeted. "Is really that easy to mislead u by saying get your s--- together by the 7th?"

Griffith concluded, "REAL S---, apprec8 u all 4 always supportin TDE. it wud b a major prob if y'all wasnt on my head about our music. i wud be sad as f--- lol."

Kendrick Lamar's album, which remains untitled, is available for pre-order right now on iTunes. So for now, watch Lamar's video above and be humble. Rest assured, the Compton rapper is coming very soon.

Check out Griffith's tweets below.

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