An aspiring rapper by the name of Tony Trapz, who hailed from Toronto, was shot and succumbed to his injuries on Saturday (Jan. 21), after he was hit with a bullet during a recording session at a local studio.

Trapz, born Anthony Spencer, was inside a studio located at 799 Brimley Rd., south of Lawrence Ave. East in Toronto, when he was shot by an assailant that has yet to be identified. Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux told the CBC News that friends of Spencer, 23, dropped him off at Scarborough General Hospital around 5AM. Video footage showed the individuals speaking with hospital staff and assisting Spencer onto a gurney, however, they fled the scene before authorities arrived.

"The challenge is that the individuals we are interviewing are being far less than truthful with regards to the narrative of what happened to Mr. Spencer," Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux revealed Sunday (Jan. 21).

Police are certain the men and women who brought Spencer to the hospital know who shot him.

The rhymer, whose music is featured on a YouTube channel, leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter named Trinity.

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