After recently stirring up the rumor mill by re-establishing contact with Chris Brown via Twitter, Rihanna appears to have rekindled her relationship with yet another old flame, Drake.

A photo of the two stars was taken around midnight on June 12, when the Rihanna was on tour in Drake's native Canada, getting extremely affectionate at the Bronanotte Supperclub in Montreal, in a private booth. A source told TMZ that the two were "all over each other" the entire night and were spotted "making out."

The couple reportedly spent the weekend together, attending the Montreal Grand Prix and even sharing the stage, when Drake made surprise appearances at her shows recently in Montreal and Toronto.

While Rihanna maintains that the two are just close friends, denying that they are dating, the photo appears otherwise. After much speculation, Rihanna finally admitted that the two had a brief relationship in 2010, but that they "weren't really sure what it was."

"I definitely was attracted to Drake, but I think it is what it is, like it was what it was." Rihanna said in an interview. "We didn't want to take it any further."

Rihanna and Drake appeared in a steamy video for their song 'What's My Name' in 2010. Drake has yet to comment on the photo, or their rumored affair.

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