The Weeknd commits a homicide on himself in his sleek new video for latest single, “Starboy” (featuring Daft Punk).

The visual begins with the dreadlocked-era Weeknd getting brutally murdered by the hands of a masked, leather-gloved hit-man. Shockingly, it turns out that it's the newly Afro-ed Weeknd (aka Starboy) would committed the dastardly deed.

The new Weeknd then walks around in the lavish mansion with a glowing pink cross and smashes platinum plaques, chandeliers, champagne bottles. Finally, he goes into the garage and jumps in a futuristic sports car - with Starboy on the license plate - and drives off into the sunset with his pet panther sitting in the passenger seat.

Directed by Grant Singer, the video is a symbolic message to his fans that the old Weeknd is gone and a new star has been reborn.

The Weeknd’s new album, Starboy, is set to hit stores on Nov. 25. There’s not a lot of information about the project. However, in an interview with VMan, the Weeknd said he’s delivering a bold new sound on the project.

“There are new inspirations on this album,” he said. “The production feels aggressive but still sexy. I think it’ll be the best-sounding album I’ve ever done.”

You can watch The Weeknd's "Starboy" video at