It's been nearly two years since The Weeknd dropped his smash album, Starboy, before embarking on a massive tour for the project. Now, it seems that he's hinting that new music could be on the way as early as Friday.

On Tuesday (March 27), he shared a screenshot of a conversation with La Mar Taylor, who is his creative director. "Should we drop Friday? I'm indifferent to be honest," the message read.

Does that mean new tunes are the way? Who can tell? A text message with his creative director hardly cements that The Weeknd is dropping music—it could be some other endeavor that has nothing to do with music at all.

Thing is, this isn't the first time The Weeknd has teased the possibility that he's working on music. We know he's at least been in the studio for the past few months and last week, he shared snippets indicating that he was "mastering" a project.

Again, the time is ripe for a new project. He's set to headline Coachella in April, along with Beyoncé and Eminem.

You can check out his cryptic post below.


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