If you thought The Weeknd’s “Starboy” video was violent, wait till you watch his new visual for his punk-pop track, “False Alarm.” Be forewarned, while the clip is stunning to watch it’s extremely violent.

Helmed by Ilya Naishuller, the video is a first-person account (from the eyes of The Weeknd) of a violent bank robbery that goes terribly wrong. There’s a plenty of brutal gunplay and a thriling car chase sequence where the bank robbers successfully thwart off the police.

The video ends with a gun battle between two of the surviving robbers and a horrible car accident that leaves the Weeknd impaled on a large piece of glass. The parental advisory warning at the beginning of the video is not an exaggeration. This video is NSFW so be careful watching this at your job.

Despite all of the violence, it's an exciting clip to watch. The Weeknd is certainly bringing cinematic visuals to his songs as he promotes his upcoming album, Starboy, which is due out Nov. 25. We are not mad at him for that.

Watch The Weeknd's gritty - but thrilling - video above.

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