After dropping his Daft Punk-assisted cut "Starboy," The Weeknd speeds things up with his new '80s inspired dance tune "False Alarm." Both singles are from the Canadian's forthcoming album, also called Starboy, slated for a November 25 release.

In the song, The Weeknd talks about the ultimate party girl, who's fun-loving, dressed to kill and totally unavailable to the men who chase her. The tune could also be considered a sequel to the singer's cut with Beyoncé "6 Inch."

"Six inch long 'bout three inch wide / Dolla, dolla bill is her only type / You'll love her, but you'll never be the one / Diamonds and the rings are her fantasy / She chase hearts with the Hennessy / You love her but you'll never be / Enough, enough," The Weeknd croons.

Musically, the track takes you right back to a time when synthesizers were the go-to instrument for producers and heavy effects were placed on each sound. Of course, it's possible the throwback synth approach will turn some off but to the singer's credit, he managed to provide a bit of newness to an approach that's over 30 years old.

Plus, there's a big chance that "False Alarm"  could be yet another hit for the 26-year-old for its sheer catchiness and obvious dance vibe.

Listen to the song here.


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