The hip-hop soul band The Internet are plotting a big return in 2017. In the cover story for The FADER’s “America” issue, the group revealed that they will drop a full-length project together as well as solo albums next year.

The sextet - which consists of Syd, Matt, Steve Lacy, Jameel Bruner, Patrick Paige II, and Chris Smith - have already started writing and recording music for the project, which will be the group’s follow-up to their Grammy-nominated effort, Ego Death. “We're gonna get in a room with some instruments and we're gonna make s--- and come up with mad grooves and record ‘em,” said Matt of the recording process.

In the meantime, Internet’s lead singer Syd is working on her solo project called Dive. The 24-year-old singer says the album will be a slight departure from group’s usual soulful sound.

"This album is not that deep, but I feel like this is my descent into the depth I want the band to get to,” she told The FADER. "The soul s--- we do is dope, but my solo s--- is giving me the option to explore a poppier, more popular sound."

Matt said his solo album is going to be "very weird and wonky" but the music won't sound like Internet songs. Meanwhile, Steve is working on an EP of R&B, funk and rock. "I'm a producer-artist — a person who makes everything, sings everything, writes everything. I know what I want to hear," he said.

Finally, Jameel and Patrick will also continue to release solo music, while Chris plans to begin doing the same.

Syd see everyone working their side project as a good thing as it only "Elevates the group,” when they do come together and record for their group album.

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