Not too long ago, The Internet's Syd mentioned that her favorite song from the Fin recording sessions didn't even make the album, but she promised to release it one day.

As a woman of her word, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter dropped the song today (March 27), which is called "Treading Water." Upon first listen you'll probably be baffled as to why it didn't make the final group of songs for the album.

Musically, the track is a mixture of smoothed out funk, with a little bit of jazz and R&B thrown in for proper balance. Think of the group Brand New Heavies with a modern 2017 twist.

Lyrically, Syd talks about leading someone on, only to have that person call her bluff and ask for a relationship.

"I'm in trouble now, I done f----- around with your heart, it's a struggle now / Should have never messed with your love, sugar / Now the question is hmmm, do I wanna sink or swim?" she sings in that light, angelic voice that's given her legions of fans.

You can check out the never-released-song below, and let us know how you're feeling it in the comments below.

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