Another diabolical video from Odd Future offshoot the Internet has surfaced. The dark and twisted 'Fastlane' visuals feature holdups, handguns and, sigh, even murder as sound engineer and producer Syd the Kyd takes center stage. This wild ride follows up 'Cocaine,' the first video from the outfit's 'Purple Naked Ladies' debut.

In the clip, the singer and a tattooed lady friend appear as hitchhikers, looking to score a ride on a deserted road. When a man stops beside them in a truck, Syd pulls out two guns and points them in his face, demanding he get out of the vehicle. Her pal pulls the trigger first and he falls to the ground. Kicks to his body ensue, then the duo hop in the ride and peel off.

Enjoy the soothing, down-tempo sounds as Syd and her sexy accomplice go on a crazed shooting spree.

Recently the entertainer made headlines for remarks she made about singers like Alicia Keys and rappers Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott. Openly gay herself, Syd revealed her thoughts about their sexuality.

"There's Alicia Keys, who's married to Swizz Beatz -- we know that s--- ain't real," the 19-year-old stated. "You got Queen Latifah kissing Common in movies. Missy Elliott saying she don't wanna hang with bitches. You know she loves her some bitches."

Watch the Internet's 'Fastlane' Video

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