Netflix’s popular hip-hop-inspired drama The Get Down is back and fans are currently binge watching to their hearts' content. The show is currently in season one (part two) and picks up the where the first half left off surrounding our motley crew of b-boys and disco divas dreaming big in the Bronx. 

The second half continues with the rap group The Fantastic Four Plus One (aka The Get Down Brothers), led by Zeke aka "Books" (Justice Smith) - still performing talent shows and looking to sign a recording contract, while Mylene Cruz (Herizen Guardiola) is on the verge of major success with her disco career. Meanwhile, DJ Shaolin Fantastic (played by Shameik Moore) gets deeper into the drug world, which could put an end to his burgeoning DJ-ing career. Driving all of those narratives is the love between Zeke and Mylene, which gets tested in this latest installment.

Fans went on Twitter to celebrate the return of The Get Down. Some folks are quoting lines in the show while others offer their opinion about the season.

"Y'ALL NEED TO ALL WATCH #THEGETDOWN CAUSE I NEED FOR THERE TO BE ANOTHER SEASON! I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! THAT CAN'T BE THE END!" urged one fan. Another person tweeted, "Yaaaassss! #TheGetDown is finally here! Time to binge watch. But feeling cheated tho. Why is it just 5 episodes [Netflix]?"

Check out the fans' reaction below of The Get Down's latest installment.

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