The throwback hip-hop series The Get Down is coming back for a second season and Netflix delivered a thrilling new trailer for it today (March 9).

In the Behind the Music-style clip, the show picks up from its stellar first season as we see that the rap group is back and are slowly making an impact as they continue to make a name for themselves. And Mylene Cruz (played by the gorgeous Herizen Guardiola) is on the verge of becoming the biggest disco singer the world has ever seen.

But not everything is so rosy in the BX. The relationship between Ezekiel "Zeke" Figuero (Justice Smith) and Mylene is tested as Zeke's career appears to be staggering as Mylene is about to skyrocket. New players enter into the game and seemingly are trying to pull this couple apart. Meanwhile, we see family members arguing with each other, fisticuffs and violence on the BX streets.

“If making something of myself, means losing myself, then what am I making?” asks Zeke. “We are bonded for life 'til they turn off the lights.”

The second season of Netflix’s The Get Down will start streaming on April 7. The soundtrack for the upcoming season will arrive on April 14, although the track list hasn't been revealed.

Watch the trailer above.

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