Not all buzzed about TV shows come with impressive soundtracks but that's not the case with the much talked about series The Get Down.

The Netflix show — which follows hip-hop culture in 1970s New York — has a pretty electric mix of pop stars, legendary salsa artists and soul singers. All in all, like any good soundtrack does, it captures much of the music from the time period that the writers are covering.

Some of the songs and artists on the release include "Hum Along and Dance (Gotta Get Down)" by Janelle Monae, "Que Lio" by Hèctor Lavoe, "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer and "Kipling Theme" by Kamasi Washington.

In addition, Nas penned some of the tunes, and he's also one of the executive producers on the show. In fact, last month, he talked about writing the rhymes for actor Justice Smith, who plays Ezekiel Figuero and has a song on the soundtrack called This Ain't No Fairy Tale.

"I put myself in a position," said the Queensbridge legend. "I said to myself, 'If it was you, if Ezekiel was you, you'd be telling your story.' I made myself Ezekiel. I said 'Yo, Nas, what's your story growing up in hip-hop? How do you feel by making it to become a voice in the '90s, because you remember all the hard times.'"

The Get Down soundtrack is available for streaming on Spotify, or you can purchase the deluxe edition on sites like iTunes.

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