Following the news of a town hall meeting between the Los Angeles gangs organized by The Game, the Compton rapper joined several other celebs, who came out to discuss the rash of police violence against unarmed black citizens at a meeting held at the home of comedian/actor Cedric the Entertainer. TMZ reports that several notable actors and artists were at the meeting.

Along with the Game, T.I., Tina Lawson, Jesse Williams, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Omar Epps, Meagan Good, Terrence J and Tasha Smith were among those gathered at Cedric’s home on Wednesday (April 13) to discuss tactics for saving black lives in their respective communities. The Game said the meeting was productive but it did get a little contentious.

"Of course, when you have a lot smart, amazingly educated people...there are going to be issues brought up that not everyone is going to be in [agreement] on," he told TMZ. "Once we got all of our opinions out and everybody spoke freely, then we got back to the common goal, which is saving each other's lives."

"There's a disconnect with us separating ourselves from what we really are, which is human beings," he added. "Everyone left...with the same end goal, which is positivity and keeping each other alive."

Props to the Game and other celebrities who are trying to make a difference as it relates to race relations and policing in America. Let's continue the dialogue and make positive changes for the better.

Check out the photo Cedric shared of the moment below.

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