The Game is infamous for his eye-raising posts on his Instagram account. However, one post made a R&B singer teach him some social media etiquette.

A couple of days ago, the Compton rhymer wrote a lengthy rant on his IG page, which has since been deleted, of his wild night at the club. Apparently, the venue ran out of Diddy’s Apple Ciroc and so Game decided to drink his rival 50 Cent’s Effen Vodka.

"[50 Cent] now n----, I been quiet for 10 years...but I'm off this Effen tonite cause the club ran outta whatever the f--- else I was drinking so I said f--- it," he wrote. Then later he added, “This bulls--- is actually amazing.”

However, in the process of his long-winded rant, he also disrespected rising R&B chanteuse Kehlani.

"Me n this n---- (50 Cent) used to be tight as [Kehlani] p---- [& no I haven't f--- I'm just guessing it's tight] so gimme that Effen since I ran thru 40 bottles of #AppleCiroc in #LeJardin tonite," he continued.

Kehlani got wind of Game's obnoxious remark and reportedly blocked him on the 'Gram. But before she did that, the "You Should Be Here" singer addressed his disrespectful comments with a photo of Rihanna looking repulse and slapping him with the hashtags #YourLackOfRespectForWomenIsShowing, #YouNeedaNap, #NeverMetMeBefore, #DontEverExpectTo and #KeepMyYouthfulAssNameOutChaMouth.

Hopefully, The Game will learn something from this and not go on a drunk tirade on Instagram. More importantly, he shouldn't drag anyone in on his stream-of-consciousness rants.

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