Power Season Four has been off-the-rails intense. From Ghost's incarceration and trial, to Angela's dealings with the FBI mole, to Tommy being just flat-out crazy, there has been a lot to follow this season.

With fans still reeling from the shock of Season Four's penultimate episode--and with a week to wait before we get to find out how things end in the finale, we decided to take a look at the most WTF moments on the show this season.

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    Ghost loses it on the stand.

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    Ghost has typically been the epitome of composure and resolve whenever he's been backed into a corner, but he came apart during an intense cross examination. After Sandoval "explains" how Ghost likely killed Agent Knox, Ghost blurts out "I didn't kill Greg!" in a move that could've cost him his freedom.

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    Angela's plan

    Myles Aronowitz

    Angela has been in the middle of a mess all season, but once she figured out who the mole was she concocted an elaborate plan to corner him--in her apartment. When Sandoval arrived to kill her, she was already wired and ready. She also had a plan to take care of him once and for all. It's always about the long game.

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    Tommy hooks up with Keisha

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    At the end of Season Three, it looked like Tommy was going to have to do the unthinkable and take out Tasha's BFF. So imagine fans' surprise when it was revealed that instead of killing Keshia, Tommy was keeping her in hiding. And of course--they were falling in love with each other.

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    Sandoval's fate

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    He's been the dirtiest, most two-faced character on a show overpopulated with the dirty and the two-faced. Sandoval has been the mole in the FBI for two seasons, and his murder of Greg Knox was the domino that caused most of what happened in Season Four. So when he finally met his end (thanks to a Tommy phone call) in a prison cell--it was more than a little bit gratifying.

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    Tasha seeks legal counsel

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    Once Proctor was removed from the St. Patrick case, Terry Silver, his replacement as head counsel, and Tasha started to get closer and closer. The two eventually found their way into bed together (or onto a couch together--don't be technical) and now the attorney looks like a scared pup whenever Ghost enters a room.

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    The Jukebox situation

    She had been Kanan's right hand (or was he hers?) since Season Three, but it was clear that Jukebox and Kanan were no longer on the same page. The chink in their armor was Kanan's unexpected compassion for Tariq, which led to him shockingly shooting his cousin and partner Jukebox when it looked like she was about to take the kid out.

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    Family reunion

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    Fans were speculating about it from the minute Ghost met Tony Teresi in prison. Tommy's family history is all kinds of screwed up, but it was almost touching to see him happy to learn that murdering mob affiliate locked up with Ghost is, indeed, his long lost dad.

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    Julio gets killed

    Julio and Dre couldn't co-exist. Unfortunately for fans of Tommy's longtime capo, Julio turned out to be the one to fall. Set up by Dre in what could best be described as a Machiavellian scheme, Julio came to an ugly end in Season Four. Sucks because he was probably the only guy on the show that was actually, y'know, loyal.

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    Ghost goes nuts

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    Ghost and Marshall Williams (the late Charlie Murphy) had been hostile towards each other all season. But no one expected Ghost to go full psychopath and murder his prison guard nemesis with his bare hands. It was one of the most graphic scenes in the show's history--and so out of character that some initially thought it was a dream sequence.

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    The death of Raina

    In four seasons, nothing has stunned fans like the death of Ghost and Tasha's sweet daughter, Raina. She loved her family, even as it fell apart, and sticking up for her lousy brother Tariq cost her her life. How will this affect the St. Patrick's? We'll get some idea in the season finale.