If you were wondering if Kendrick Lamar felt any pressure to follow-up his critically-acclaimed To Pimp A Butterfly album, wonder no more because he couldn't be any more confident.

In fact, his producer and close pal Terrace Martin feels the same way and says he and K. Dot will simply go into the studio and create freely, without any encumbrances.

"It's about just being an individual and loving everything you do," said the producer and saxophonist in an interview with Mr. Wavvy. "There was no pressure from no label or nobody. We did a good kid, m.A.A.d city, we turned around and did a To Pimp A Butterfly, and we're going to do a third."

There's a good chance those who took to Lamar's last couple of albums loved the seamless blend of jazz, funk, throwback hip-hop and soulful R&B. The next album, however, may sound completely different and Kendrick, Martin and the other producers may use another sonic approach, because they don't want to be predictable. That's an idea that's evident on Martin's latest solo release, Velvet Portraits, released earlier this year to critical-acclaim. Martin says that both he and Kendrick are open to new sounds and aren't boxed in musically.

"We love trap," stated Martin. "We love all that. It ain't just about jazz or funk artists or that. One thing that I want to say, and I'll always say is, I'm not in that box. Get out the box."

The talented producer also said the goal for the next album isn't to make a hot single or a huge dance tune, it's to impact people's lives and help them with their struggles.

"We are from a place where impressing the next person is irrelevant," explained Martin. "Getting up, being able to make it back home from school is the goal. Getting up, trying to find some way to be happy when everybody else got Jordans on and new clothes on and you gotta borrow your brother's and sister's. We do music for them."

You can check out the full interview above.

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