When Talib Kweli is not protesting in Ferguson, Mo., he's teaming up with fellow rhyme-spitters Chris Webby and Joell Ortiz on the dancehall-inspired banger 'Purest Heart.'

On the track, the rap trifecta deliver braggadocious rhymes and chastises wack rappers who can't rap because their heart isn't in it.

"You are super lame, you can't understand music / The true remain and you hate it because you can't do it," raps Kweli about those fake MCs. "You're transparent, you can't stand it and the fans boo it / Your chick is a finish line, the whole 'hood ran through it."

Newcomer Chris Webby, who's the latest rapper to star in our popular 16 Bars video series, warns others not to challenge him because he's "an animal, I'm ferocious, I don't suggest you approach it / I will provoke it."

Finally, Ortiz closes out the song doing what he does best -- spit bars.

"Y'all been lolly-gagging, popping molly / Dressing drag playing follow the leader / Me, I've been bodying speakers / Catching a body and beatin' em," he raps.

Talib Kweli's 'Purest Heart' will be included on Bottom Feeder Music's upcoming compilation EP titled 'Gorilla State.'

Listen to Talib Kweli's 'Purest Heart' Feat. Chris Webby & Joell Ortiz