Chris Webby enjoys the weirder things in life. Whether it's detailed in his rhymes or on his body (check out the Nintendo Mario tattoo on his left arm), the 25-year-old Connecticut native is a bit of an oddball.

Listen to the lyrics he delivers for The Boombox's '16 Bars' series and it's apparent the rapper isn't comfortable standing in the safe zone. "You've gotta be wild," Webby shares. "That's always been my technique at least." Shock value is part of his delivery, but as a student of the game, he also appreciates MCs like Nas for crafting bars replete with knowledge.

Webby, whose debut album, 'Chemically Imbalanced,' arrives Oct. 28, began freestyling at house parties while under the influence. For him, that atmosphere made the most sense to hone his skill -- he even taught his boys to spit a mean 16.

Learn more about his thoughts when it comes to being a middle class kid from the suburbs, the rapper that influenced him on the come-up and embracing his weird side.

Watch Chris Webby Speak on His Influences, the Art of Freestyling & Embracing His Weird Side