Rapper Talib Kweli had a Kanye moment during an interview with CNN journalist Don Lemon on Thursday (Aug. 21). It all started when the Brooklyn rhymer accused the news network of falsely portraying the events that occurred in Ferguson, Mo., during a peaceful rally. When Lemon interrupted him during the live broadcast to defend CNN's reporting, that's when the interview went left and a heated argument followed.

The conversation grew a bit contentious when Kweli and Lemon started arguing about not greeting each other before the segment. "You didn’t say nothing to me. You were on your phone the whole time. You asked how to pronounce my name,” recalled Kweli.

Then the heated talk segued into Kweli accusing Lemon of cutting him off as he tried to explain how the police allegedly attacked him and the protestors. "Let me say my piece at first then we can have a conversation," he said.

Lemon was unsuccessful in keeping Kweli's temper down. Thankfully, the pair did shake hands afterwards and when Lemon asked, "Are we cool?" Talib responded, "Emotions are flaring high, but we good."

Political website Mediate has the entire heated interview here.

On Twitter, reactions of the CNN interview were mixed. Some praised Kweli for his fiery statements while others felt that Lemon should not have invited the rapper to talk about Ferguson. Read some of the tweets below.