In case you missed it, Rudy Giuliani had a lot to say about Beyoncé's performance at the 2016 MTV VMAs—namely that it was somehow disrespectful to police.

"I saved more black ives than any of those people on stage by reducing crime," the former New York mayor insisted, completely missing the point of not only Beyoncé's powerful performance, but her decision to walk the red carpet with the mothers of the movement.

So it's not surprising that when T.I. was asked about Giuliani's comments by a TMZ reporter, his response was one of frustration.

"Who gives a f--- about what Rudy Giuliani says about music?" T.I. asked. "Who cares? He's not an aficionado of music. He needs to worry about Trump's campaign."

The reporter then asked Tip about Giuliani's belief that he's "saved more black lives" than Bey has.

"He also imprisoned so many, unnecessarily," he said, as he climbed into his car. "I think you have to count against the black lives he saved for the black lives he destroyed by imprisoning people and taking them away from their homes."

In the end, T.I. said that everyone's perspective is important them, and left it at that, for now. Tip has always been pretty vocal about politics and social justice issues. Back in July, he broke down the effects of segregation and explained why he's anti-Donald Trump in an off-the-cuff interview.

"When was America ever great for black people?” he asked. “You have slavery, women couldn’t vote, black people weren’t considered to be entire citizens, segregation, the crack epidemic which was funded and initiated by the CONTRA scandal,” T.I. explains while getting into his vehicle. “All of these times in America were sh-tty times for us.”

Watch T.I.'s most recent interview about Rudy Giuliani's Beyoncé comments above.


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