The Grammys have gotten it wrong a lot over the years. But SZA is hoping the 60th Annual Grammy Awards will rectify that at next year's show, and give her TDE labelmate and frequent collaborator, Kendrick Lamar, the Album of the Year Award.

A solid argument could be made that he should've won music's highest award for his 2015 release, To Pimp A Butterfly. As SZA told Billboard in her recent cover interview, "It's past due."

"I don't know Ed ­[Sheeran] personally, though I love him and his music," SZA said Thursday when asked who she'd root for between Sheeran and Lamar. "But I watched [Lamar's] process—he's a true, genuine genius. Dot doesn't play any instruments, but he designed and ­produced his whole album. From scratch. Like... it's too much. It's too incredible. I've never witnessed anyone do that, except for maybe Frank [Ocean]. It's past due. He's the most inspiring person I've ever met in my entire life."

Time will only tell if the Grammys will actually get it right this go around.

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