Suge Knight killed a man and injured another on a movie set in Compton, Calif. Thursday (Jan. 29).

According to TMZ, the Death Row Records co-founder drove up to the shoot, where Ice Cube, Game and Dr. Dre were in attendance -- they were likely filming the 'Straight Outta Compton' biopic, though it hasn't been confirmed yet. Two men, who were apparently part of the film crew, instigated a fight with Knight when he exited his ride, a source says. As a result of being scared, due to his "frail health," the 49-year-old jumped back into his vehicle and threw it in reverse. While doing so, Knight hit a bystander, killing him and then he fled the scene.

Terry Carter, the deceased victim, is reportedly Knight's friend, who was with him when he arrived at the location. A source reveals that Carter was walking to the passenger door of the truck when Knight floored the gas and ran over him.

The other injured victim is Cle "Bone" Sloane, who suffered non-life threatening injuries. Sloane's participation on set could be for a role in the film, considering he has appeared in other movies like 'Training Day' and 'End of Watch.'

A video captured at the scene shows paramedics performing CPR on Carter to no avail. A man is heard behind the camera describing the horrific incident. "When he runs over Bone, Terry's in the driveway in front of his car and he runs over Terry, smashes his head and everything," he states. "So now he's not even breathing. They trying to resuscitate him right now."

The deadly hit-and-run adds to the long list of crimes that has contributed to the former rap impresario's downfall throughout his career. In October of 2014, Knight was arrested for stealing a paparazzo's camera and faced up to 30 years in prison if convicted. The drama carried over into his physical well-being when, a month later, he was hospitalized for falling in his jail cell. The fall was reportedly caused by a blood clot in his lung. Just a few months earlier, he was shot six times while attending a pre-party for the MTV Video Music Awards.

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