Suge Knight isn't experiencing much good fortune this year. After being shot during a MTV VMA party and arrested for stealing a paparazzo's camera, it seems like the Death Row Records founder couldn't possibly experience any more drama. Think again.

In his latest round of misfortune, the 49-year-old was rushed to the hospital after taking a spill in his jail cell, according to TMZ. He also fainted while getting an X-Ray in the medical ward. Knight's lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, says he was transferred to a local hospital as a result.

The fall was reportedly caused by a blood clot in Knight's lung. He usually takes blood thinners for the condition but since he couldn't access his medication in jail, his health took an abrupt turn for the worse.

Currently, there are no further reports on the incident nor his present condition. Hopefully he'll bounce back soon.

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