Evidence and The Alchemist are more than just long-time collaborators; they're Step Brothers. That's the moniker the rapping/producing pair are running with for their very first (and long overdue) joint project, 'Lord Steppington,' which is due out Nov. 19.

In the very off-chance their collective catalog -- which includes joints like 'The Far Left,' 'The Red Carpet' and Dilated Peoples' 'Worst Comes to Worst' -- doesn't already have you dribbling from the mouth, Ev and Alc warm us up with this free -- but definitely not cheap -- track called 'Nothing to See / Hear.'

The title's obviously ironic as there's plenty to enjoy on this one, like the Step Brothers trading brutal bars like there's a very real sibling rivalry at play. This lyrical tussle is sandwiched between more than nine minutes-worth of instrumental intervals, which switch up more times than you can count on two hands.

'Nothing to See / Hear' arrives in conjunction with Evidence's collaboration with Diamond Supply Co., which you can window shop here.