Last week the Internet went ablaze when Chet Haze, a student at Northwestern University, dropped his collegiate knockoff to Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow,' aplty dubbed 'White and Purple.' However, the bigger news was that Haze is the son of Oscar-chugging actor Tom Hanks. Our friends over at had a little bit of spare time on their hands and noting the popularity of the conventional diss track decided to come up with one of their own.

Titled 'Hanks for Nothing,' the spoof pits Chet against his dad in a mock-rap that calls out all 36 of the elder Hanks' flicks in a diss by his son. Lyrics go: "Yeah, it's obvious that you is just a chump / You hump / I run this game cross-country, call me hip-hop's Forrest Gump/ Your whole career's a Punchline, I don't need Da Vinci Code/ To decipher that Joe Versus the Volcano friggin' blowed ... " You get the gist of how "the ultimate Tom Hanks diss track" goes from there.

Head over to for the full lyrics and song, or take a listen after the jump.

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