Game and 50 Cent haven't spoken in years, but that doesn't mean that a possible collaboration is totally out of the question. The BoomBox caught up with Game, who is currently working on his upcoming release 'The R.E.D. Album,' and with a new outlook on both life and his career, the Compton native explained that when it comes to 50, he's ready to put the past behind him.

"You know what? I think that's up to 50 these days," he told The BoomBox about getting together with the Queens rapper for a track. "I'm up for anything. I love making music. I'm in a space in my life that I feel good about everything. I ain't got no problems with nobody, unless you pick a fight with me then I gotta come in lyrically and expunge that problem. But other than that, I'm coming in with smiles on my face every day, chilling with my kids, going in the studio with my homies and trying to finish my project."

The feud between Game and 50 started back in 2005, when Game was signed to the same label as 50, the Dr. Dre-helmed Aftermath, and placed into G-Unit. His debut, 'The Documentary,' heavily featured 50, including the track 'Hate It or Love It,' and as a result 50's own album 'The Massacre' was put on the back-burner. While it seemed 50 genuflected to the Game, letting him into his hip-hop scene, Game wasn't exactly reciprocating the favor. He refused to partake in several G-Unit feuds and beefs with rappers like Ja Rule, Fat Joe and Jadakiss, but continued to ride on the success of the 'The Documentary,' which 50 felt he deserved more writing credit for, as well as the street cred of being a G-Unit member. The tension and jealousy eventually led to 50 denouncing Game from the G-Unit crew. Game retaliated with the stellar diss '300 Bars and Runnin'' and 50 followed suit with 'Piggy Bank.' The rest is hip-hop history.

Watch Game feat. 50 in 'Hate It or Love It'

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Game has made several attempts to squash the beef with 50, most recently last November when he posted a Twitter message attempting to reunite with the Queens rapper and gave a shout out to all the G-Unit members. "@50cent Aye n----, get on Twitter & let's get this s--- movin!!! G-G-G-G- well, you know the rest," Game tweeted. "All it take is 'ONE PHONE CALL'! U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at [Tony] Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY!" Banks apparently holla-ed at Yayo, and Yayo didn't exactly come back with open arms. His reaction was ""F--- a G Unit Reunion N----."

Unfortunately, 50 was not feeling the Twitter love either. He not only brushed off Game's advances, but stated that their communication remains non-existent. "What are you guys talking about?" he tweeted in response to Game's post. "I dont talk to game. I have had no communication with him in years."

Throughout his career, 50 has had beef with tons of rappers but rarely calls a truce. In the case of Game, 50 exclusively told The BoomBox, that he is fine with ignoring his former protege, and anyone else who rubs him the wrong way. "If you just came out of nowhere, then I'mma assume that I can't fix that with a conversation, or that that's who you are," 50 told The BoomBox. "I'm fine with not paying them any attention at that point.

"Now, when I have nothing to say, you see no momentum. You see them trying to repeat what they see me do," he added taking a shot at Game's 'The R.E.D. Album.' "Maybe the formula is to go get a record with Justin Timberlake, like 'A.O. Technology,' or to try and do a song with Robin Thicke. It's almost like they're trying to recreate the 'Curtis' album." Both Thicke and Timberlake recorded songs with the Game for the 'The R.E.D. Album.'

So while it seems that Game can drop the idea of a makeup session, we've gotta give it to him for being the bigger person in the argument, but he can pretty much bet that a phone call from 50 Cent won't be coming through anytime soon.

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