Listening to hip-hop music, it's easy to believe that just about every rapper shares the same come-up story. They grew up in the 'hood, at some point resorted to selling drugs, launched a career rapping about said drug life and voila! Made it big.

And while that may have been the case for a number of artists like Biggie, Nas, Jay Z and 50 Cent, the reality is, when it comes to being an MC, struggle isn't always in the equation.

For folks like Diggy Simmons, Jaden Smith and Ricky Hil, wealth and luxury were in no short supply growing up. As rich kids, hip-hop was a form of expression, or in some cases, a way to follow in daddy's footsteps. But does being the product of money better your chances at a rap career or hinder it?

Check out our list of 10 Rappers Who Were Born Rich and decide for yourself.

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