Being the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson makes you grow up with some tough acts to follow. Cue Chet Hanks. His brother, Colin, has chosen acting as a career path, making appearances on the TV show 'Mad Men' among other roles on his way up, yet Chet, who goes by the rap name Chet Haze, wants to carve out his own lane. He's using the bombastic, synth-heavy Wiz Khalifa beat for 'Black and Yellow' to make his mark.

Chet changes Wiz's ode to Pittsburgh into something decidedly more collegiate and frat-oriented. The new name is 'White and Purple,' and the lyrics serve as an ode to Hanks' classmates at Northwestern University. Referring to himself as a "frat star" and bragging about smoking blunts while hitting the books, the 21-year-old just might pose a challenge to the Asher Roths of the world if he can step his pen game up a bit.

"I'm livin' college life," he raps. "Homie, tell the world it's mine/ White and purple, white and purple, white and purple/ white kicks, purple kush/ this is college/ hittin blunts after hittin books."

Hey, we can see this being a big hit on campus. Hanks already seems well-liked by his peers and not only because his father is Forrest Gump or hung out with Hooch.

Watch Chet Haze's 'White and Purple'

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