Bay Area rap icons Souls of Mischief have released a song that we have believe is one of the most unique rap collaborations of 2014. The Hieroglyphics crew have partnered with veteran rhyme-slinger Snoop Dogg on the melodic new track 'There Is Only Now.'

The song is the lead single to Mischief's upcoming album of the same name and produced by musician Adrian Younge, who's created tracks for Ghostface Killah and Jay Z.

On 'There Is Only Now,' Souls of Mischief weaved an interesting love story between two characters, Stoney and his girlfriend Miriam, who are living in the now and are not worried about the future. Despite other people telling them to slow down, the lovebirds refused to listen.

"But this couple don't care what you sayin' their hearts ablazin', raps A-Plus, with Opio adding, "overcome any obstacle, together they will always grow."

Snoop adds a cautionary verse to the song, in which he hints a precarious love triangle might unfold.

"The homie Stoney in love with his girl, and so is his big homie / Now what a pity, a footnote to the cut throat / It's rare, see I was told all in love is unfair," he raps.

Younge keeps the production organic by recording it on 2-inch analogue tape and performing it with live instruments with his band Venice Dawn. Soul of Mischief reportedly recorded their verses in one take.

As for the group's project, 'There Is Only Now,' Souls of Mischief describe it as a concept album based on non-fictional event that nearly destroyed the start of their early rap career.

The 19-song collection boasts guest appearances from Busta Rhymes, Scarub of the Living Legends, William Hart of the Delfonics and narrated by A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad who portrays a DJ on the fictional radio station K-NOW.

The album is scheduled to arrive in stores on Aug. 26 via Younge's new recording label Linear Labs. You can pre-order the single on iTunes right now

Listen to Souls of Mischief's Song 'There Is Only Now' Feat. Snoop Dogg

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