Soulja Boy has just released a diss track, "Hit Em With The Draco," which he's probably hoping will be a theme song to his boxing match against Chris Brown.

The match, which will take place in Dubai and was organized by 50 Cent, will be televised on Pay-Per-View, with Soulja getting boxing tips from Floyd Mayweather, while Chris Brown will be trained by Mike Tyson. At any rate, Souljay Boy's latest self-produced track is aimed at Chris Brown and 50 Cent.

"Aye 50 Cent what you talking about?" Soulja says on the intro. "You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy. You know I'mma knock Chris Brown out when I see him."

He continues rapping out how he'll hit them with the draco.

"50 Cent he know about me/Everybody know I'ma get to the cake/You on the block, I'ma hit you with the draco/You know that I put it in they face," Soulja Boy spits. "Stand in the box, I jab I jab/I'ma knock out Chris Brown/Lot of money on my neck/Riding round with a check."

Listen to the song above.


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