This is a crazy time for Soulja Boy, whose debut album 'Tell 'Em,' hits shelves on October 2. Soulja (real name DeAnda Cortez Way) performed at the VMAs for the first time this year -- although he did have some trouble partying it up right due to his age -- and scored a No. 1 song with 'Crank That.' Not bad for being only 17.

"We're doing big things this year and the next year," he tells PopEater. "The album is crazy. I got dance records, R&B records, funny records -- I got a song on there called 'Y'all' that's very funny."

While Soulja is doing well for himself, he's ready to share the wealth -- particularly when it comes to the ladies. "I got a song called 'Soulja Girl,'" he explains. "It's touching my female fan base. Once I perform that, it's going to go down."