Soulja Boy is in serious danger of having his swag turned off.

In a rough-and-tumble year in which the 'Pretty Boy Swag' rapper has been caught fibbing about owning a private jet, got himself banned by the military for insulting the armed forces and was most recently arrested for carrying over $70,000 worth of cash, drugs and guns, it now appears he is facing eviction.

TMZ reports that the 21-year-old rhymer, born DeAndre Way, has been served with eviction papers, after failing to pay the $4,725 November rent on his Atlanta home. He has until Dec. 5 to pay in full, or take his swag to the streets.

The news of his potential eviction is surprising, as just this week, Soulja Boy sat down with The BoomBox to discuss the details of his forthcoming album, 'Promise,' claiming to have reached a newfound "growth and maturity."

"Right now I'm working on my new album. It's called 'Promise' -- my fourth album to release from Interscope Records. It'll be in stores top of 2012. I want everybody to support," he explained. "[The album is] just really showing the growth and maturity of Soulja Boy. It's going to be dope. It's going to be lot of great records on it, a lot of dope features, a lot of great production. I want all my fans to check it out."

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