Following the controversial news that he intends to portray Tupac Shakur in an upcoming biopic, 21-year-old Atlanta, Ga. phenom Soulja Boy has released a new mixtape EP.

Depicting a Louis Vuitton briefcase and address book on its cover, the "limited edition collector's item" tape -- we're' not sure how a download can be made a collector's item-- is entitled 'Bernard Arnault,' after Europe's richest person, the CEO of LMVH, which is Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

The smoked out, syrup-powered EP features a slow-drawling Soulja Boy expounding stream of consciousness Lil B-inspired flows over a variety of spaced out beats, excitedly quipping "Juice!" and "S.O.D." every third word, and mistakenly referring to his album as the 'Robert Arnault mixtape.'

Though not entirely unlistenable, the 10-song EP concludes with an inferior remix of his whimsical summer jam 'Zan With That Lean,' before launching into a gratuitous '20Min Freestyle,' which features Soulja Boy at his most energetic, spitting line after line for literally 20-plus minutes.

If the rest of the tape is "Zan With That Lean," then the last 20 minutes are aderall with cocaine -- going on about nothing for way too long ... and it doesn't look like he's going anyway any time soon.

Download Soulja Boy's "limited edition" 'Bernard Arnault' mixtape EP here.

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