Indie rapper/producer Kno's long-awaited solo debut has been delayed by Soulja Boy.

Kno's solo album, 'Death is Silent,' was scheduled for a firm October 12 release, but will now be pushed back to October 26, due to a bizarre barcoding mixup with Soulja Boy's 'Swag Flu' mixtape.

"Due to a UPC issue, 'Death Is Silent' will now be released 10.26.10 in physical stores instead of 10.12.10-pre-orders and digital release will be unaffected barring any more clusterf---ery," Kno revealed. "In a nutshell, a Souljah [sic] Boy mixtape entitled 'Swag Flu' was accidentally given the same UPC code as my album and of course, since I haven't sold a million records, my release got pushed back to make room for his."

Though the Cunninlynguists producer's album has been delayed to make way for the platinum-selling 'Pretty Boy Swag' rapper's new mixtape, a collector's edition of Kno's debut will be made available to fans, which features an autographed Digipak version of the CD, t-shirt, poster, keychain and more, and is limited to 200 copies.

'Death Is Silent' can be previewed/purchased here.