Anything goes on the Double G News Network. This week, Snoop Dogg sat down with Russell Simmons to talk music, drugs and vegan pastrami.

The West Coast MC, who released the video for 'Blue Xmas' this week, interviewed Uncle Rush about his career. Russell, now known as a peace-loving vegan, admits to doing some heavy drugs back in his day. Smoking angel dust and doing cocaine were the norm for him.

Apparently, Russell helped come up with the idea for Run-DMC's 'My Adidas' while high on angel dust. "That's why I can't remember s---," jokes Russell. "That's why I'm a monk now, damn-near."

Snoop compliments Russell for still looking so young at 56. "You radiate youth. A lot of it is in your head," advises Russell. "It's spirit that keeps you alive."

The former head of Def Jam Records says that yoga helped him move into vegetarianism. "It's the worst karmic disaster in the history of the world," says Russell about eating meat. He then tries to bring Snoop into his world by tempting the Doggfather with a vegan meat sandwich. Yummy.