Rappers Skyzoo and Torae (aka the Barrel Brothers) salute their hometown of New York on their new single, 'Blue Yankee Fitted.' The Illmind-produced banger is from the duo’s upcoming album, 'Barrell Brothers.'

Over a familiar hip-hop breakbeat (Mountain’s 'Long Red'), a humming bass groove and dreamy synths, the dynamic duo puff their chest out and represent NYC to the fullest.

"Blue Yankee fitted on the daily / Thank you for blue yankee fitted when you had me / You know the squad / And the city is on deck / Know what we be on / The city is on rep," raps Skyzoo on the chorus.

Meanwhile, Torae spit tough rhymes to remind wack dudes he’s nothing to f--- with.

"All blatant, no subliminal diss / So if there’s other shots fire, I just empty the clip / I’m more hitting than dissing / I’m more sick, more slick with the spit / I’ll talk the panty draws off your bitch," he raps.

At the end the song there’s a sound bite of the New York Yankees winning the 1996 World Series championship. The audio represents the duo's love for their city and their commitment to wear the blue Yankee cap.

"The blue Yankee fitted is a hip-hop mandate," said Torae about the song. "No matter where I am in the world from Germany to Russia to Thailand there's always a common thread, that Yankees cap. It's part of the hip-hop uniform."

Skyzoo and Torae’s album 'The Barrell Brothers' will arrive in stores on May 27.