Following up on two of our previous draft picks, B.O.B. has since signed with T.I.'s Grand Hustle Entertainment and appeared with Tip on 'On Top of the World.' Big things.

His newest song leak is 'Generation Lost' and while his recent work (ie 'Monsta' and 'I'll be in the Sky') has focused on his ability to croon a hook and do the crossover, Gnarls Barkley thing, this track showcases B.O.B.'s raw talent as an MC.

Check the rhyme, then check the link to download.

"I used to wear a grill because it was the trend/not because I liked it I just wanted to fit in/then I got 'East Side' tatted on my skin and I tried to get dreads but my hair was too big/But I was lost I aint know who I was/What else was there to do besides look like a thug/So in my senior year at Columbia High/I dropped out of high school when I got signed/B dot O dot B was the name/I aint like Bobby Ray cause I was ashamed/but you can call me Bobby Ray from this day forth and/ don't give a damn about the fame and the fortune"

Next up, our man Torae, arguably the best new rapper out of NY, has released a new mixtape entitled 'Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself,' recorded an album with producer Marco Polo and released a couple crazy freestyles over classic Bad Boy instrumentals. Check his version of 24 Hours To Live here.

Also, check his new video 'Switch'...Marco Polo in the dinosaur suit and Tor with the Lil Jon dreads is definitely a good look.